Nepal is undoubtedly one of those fascinatingly undiscovered places which holds a treasure cove just waiting to be explored

Nepal is undoubtedly one of those fascinatingly undiscovered places which holds a treasure cove just waiting to be explored. A basic holiday tour is simply not enough, but then along comes the Nepal photography tour. This tour is crafted for taking photos, so participants are guaranteed of visiting the most beautiful and amazing spots in Nepal. The country is largely untouched by the modern world, making it an excellent source for beautiful pictures. One would book into the Nepal photography tour through a holiday company. Essentially, they will take care of everything, making this the ideally relaxing vacation that we all covet. The only worry for the Nepal photography tour participants would be to pack their bags and make their way to Kathmandu. The flight here unfortunately is not included in the package price since guests will be flying in from around the world. The travel company’s consultants are however on hand to help guests with getting the fastest and cheapest flights to Nepal.


Upon arrival in Kathmandu, Nepal photography tour guests will take some time to freshen up and meet the rest of the group before starting to explore. There really is no time to waste, with the sheer amount of must see sites to visit. Travel companies have spent years perfecting their itinerary so that guests have quality time both exploring and photographing. A relative newcomer to Nepal simply is not going to get the same experience on their own. The service provided when booking into holiday packages is invaluable. It is truly stress free as well, leaving all of the mundane organizing to be done by the tour guide. On the Nepal photography tour, 2 guides come along with the group. The first in the tour leader who handles all logistics and is a learned historian of Nepal culture. Since English is not the main medium in the more remote places of the country, which of course is where most of the amazing sights lie, tour guides will make the language barrier a lot easier.

The second is the photographer. Also a vital component, it is for this that many people book into the Nepal photography tour. Tour companies to Nepal try to include a famed photographer as the main lure of the tour package. Their task during the tour is to both teach guests how to use a camera and techniques in a classroom setting and then out when visiting the many highlights of Nepal. Nepal, for the most part is associated with mountains and scenic valleys and while these do play a big part of the tour there are other activities to look forward to and give more scope in terms of photography. These are the hidden religious gems to be found in the valleys of Chitwan and Pokhara or the bustling bazaars in town squares. TheNepal photography tour serves to include landscape, portrait, action, aerial, night and nature based photography. Master artisans care to be found in the latter and where one of a kind keepsakes can be bought to take back home.