A trip to Algeria is best done in conjunction with the services of a travel company

A trip to Algeria is best done in conjunction with the services of a travel company. The country is vast and diverse in every meaning of the word from culture to habitats and it would make for a pretty demanding activity to plan to cram everything into your standard holiday period. A travel company offering tours to Algeria is quite a godsend. Not only do they organize the entire affair but have a representative escort you throughout the trip.

All of the main factors concerning a holiday to an international destination is basically taken care off by them. You would just need to pack your bags and carry some cash to tip your service providers and support the local marketplaces by purchasing some mementos of the trip. These factors have been chosen to give Algeria tour guests a well-rounded experience. In each area visited on the Algeria tour, guests will have the chance to experience something different. This ensures that boredom does not set in during the 2 week tour.


TheAlgeria tour begins in the country’s capital city of Algiers. Known at the white city, it is a scenic marvel of the pristine white buildings lining the ocean. The city is a history cove bursting with both arts and culture. Something that is always a welcome surprise from many tourists is the scale of the artwork that one gets to see at the Algeria Museum of Fine Arts, with works by the likes of Monet. The cultural aspect which is explored deeply during the Algeria tour takes its course from locals, as well as from European settlers. This is evident in the cuisine, building and people, and none the more so than in the entry city of Algiers.

The next stop is the city of bridges. Named for the suspension bridges which line the mountains, Constantine is an architectural marvel. The more adventurous within an Algeria tour group get to do that exciting zip line crossing the city in its entirety. Algeria is a country with many adventure hungry aspects from interacting with wildlife to mountain climbing. If this is more of your nature during your holiday, then ensure to book into an adventure based Algeria tour. There will be exhilarating fun to look forward to each and every day of the trip. Islamic history is also a huge part of Algeria. This can be witnessed in the cities of Tlemcen and Oran. Nearby cities, both are visited for the significant sites that they play host to.

Algeria is home too much of the Sahara Desert and as such, it does play a big part on any Algeria tour. Both the desert in its barrenness and oasis towns are visited on the journey. The desert, simply for Algeria tour guests to get the chance to experience life in the open for a night. There are no hotels and modernity nearby which makes that rustic vibe a lot more natural. TheMzab Valley is the oasis town that is visited on many Algeria tours. The town is chosen for its close proximity to caves housing ancient drawings but also for a chance to haggle with market traders.