Igoterra is so much more than just a checklist application

Igoterra is so much more than just a checklist application. The premise of installing the app is to be able to instantly record information or access information that you had previously entered. It is best used by pet owners, birders, wildlife trackers and animal lovers in general.

Igoterra offers much more for users. All members essentially become members of a worldwide community. This community is there to offer advice on many issue relating to animals. It does not even need to be solely based on your birding or wildlife tracking abilities. The site can be very useful for all animal types, and since your pets would be the animals you have most encounters with, this is the site to help with any queries from animal owners.


Igoterra can be used from even before you actually have your pet. You would sign up to the app and then connect with other members who have an interest in the animal or specific breed that you would be looking for. Such an example would be dogs. All dog breeds are different in terms of their needs so you would want real life experiences to help you decide which breed would best suit your household. General articles do little to give the exact information that can be gotten from people who actually own a breed.

Take a German shepherd dog for example. If you are thinking of getting this dog then Igoterra members can be consulted on how much physical activity they need, diets, health issues and how well they get along with people. If you are looking for a pet that is more of the small and cuddly nature then you would be steered towards something like the poodle. Igoterra is awesome in getting inside information. The app works with GPS and while it’s basic use is to store data on animal spotting out in the wild, your location details can also lead you to the best vets in the area with advice coming of course from fellow Igoterra users.

Igoterra is not limited to pets, birders, wildlife enthusiasts or conservationists but for those interested in flora as well. Just like with animal tracking, Igoterra can be used to keep records of all flora species you encounter. Capture an image, name it and it is permanently stored on your database. You are even able to add your own notes. People interested in nature will tell you, finding specific types of flower species are very hard which is where Igoterra comes in to ease this process. You are likely to become bored in your home territory so the need to travel comes into play to identify newer floral species. With Igoterra, users can consult either the database or other users on where to go to search for these species. Since the app works with GPS, this process is made all the more easier. Lists can be built up much faster but because you have more time, there is the opportunity to enjoy a bit more time actually appreciating the species and its surroundings.