The landlocked country of Botswana is the perfect African country to visit for a wildlife adventure

The landlocked country of Botswana is the perfect African country to visit for a wildlife adventure. The country is relatively modern and this echoes throughout from the cities to the deserts and even the Delta. Botswana’s wildlife can be enjoyed in comfort without forgoing on the rustic allure of such a holiday. Holiday lodges have been set up in strategic parts of the country for holidaymakers to make use of. Getting into one of these and ensuring that you would travel in a coordinated manner and get a room will be straightforward with Botswana wildlife tours. Botswana wildlife tours are set in such a way that the group moves constantly, yet still getting a fair amount of relaxation time.

Transport on Botswana wildlife tours are unique, in that the tour group will be visiting many different habitats. This adds to the adventure vibe and keeps the tour interesting. It is nothing out of the ordinary, so no need to panic if you are not into extreme activities. The tour does demand that participants be in fair physical health and able to handle the holiday.


The Okavango Delta is the largest inland water delta, and brings much wildlife to its shores. During Botswana wildlife tours, the group will venture into different parts of the delta, each frequented by animals as their water source. The best view of this is by boat. Guests also get the chance to canoe up close to the animals such as hyenas, buffalo, leopard and elephants. Botswana has no rain forest setting but the forest setting next to the delta does qualify. It is best seen through a game drive. Here tour guests get to see animals in a more natural setting and where they feel most at home. Their personality comes out and seeing them socially interact is a thing of marvel. Setting out into the game drive must be done under the supervision of a game ranger. These are factors that come included in Botswana wildlife tours.

Finally we have the Kalahari Desert. The largest in the world, it spans several countries and in Botswana it covers almost 3 quarters of the country. It is an engrossing journey, though certainly not you would want to do on your own. Botswana wildlife tours are such that around 6 people are taken per time. This could be a group composed of entirely people you know, or take it as a suitable time to mingle with unknown people and in the process make some international friends. Modified jeep and camping vehicles are the way that tour guests will be travelling the desert. At times, horses will be used, simply for the experience. To preserve the integrity of the land, no permanent structures have been erected, so during this portion of Botswana wildlife tours, guests will camp. The setup is such that all basic amenities are provided for and that the campsite is safe from any wild animals. An exciting portion of this part of Botswana wildlife tours is getting to walk the land with bushman. It is for this reason that tourists will have to travel deep into the desert.