The first thing to do is to book into the Omo valley tours

For full cultural immersion, the Omo valley tours, is one of the greats. The added factor on this tour type is the photography element. On photography tours, guests get to enjoy the premium perks given on a standard holiday tour with the inclusion of photography. The way it works is as follows. The first thing to do is to book into the Omo valley tours. You must do this through a reputable tour agency who have had a good amount of time in the travel industry and who have conducted many successful tours to the region. In addition to this, ensure that a notable photographer has been included into the tour.

This, coupled with the fact that group numbers are limited in a quality Omo valley tours, means only a limited number of spots are open each and every year. For the Omo valley tours, it is not just a matter of deciding to go on it during the course of the year, but to secure your spot when the tour dates become available. This is usually done at the beginning of the year. If you are lucky enough to be among the few to embark on the Omo valley tours, then you must make your way to Addis Ababa and pack your personal essentials for the trip. The tour officially starts once guests arrive at the capital city on the arrival day. It is just an hour’s flight to the Omo Valley region which is covered as part of the tour.

To this end, all further transport needed on the trip is provided, in the form of jeep land vehicles. The tour takes guests to remote locations in the valley, with rough terrains and wild animals to account for. A trip to such a place is best undertaken under the guidance of people who have done it before. Attempting such a trip on your own is unwise, resulting in unplanned outings and not making the most of a probably limited time in such a vibrantly tailored region.

The Omo valley tours has been meticulously planned to take advantage of every interesting element of the region during a standard tour period. Expect to see rite of passage ceremonies, as tour companies do liaise with locals to ensure that they would be planning their tour dates to coincide with this coming of age tradition. Get to see kids showcase their individuality through traditional face painting or to be allowed to photograph the Mursi women and their lip plates.

These are nomadic people who have come to know the guides and freely allow them into their villages. Photographic opportunities are to be found in abundance here, though it is really only under the guidance of the tour guide that guests are able to find those unique angles under the right lighting to get those sought after pictures. In essence, the Omo valley tours is a teaching trip, so apart from the holiday, expect to come away from Ethiopia with a deeper layer of photographic knowledge.